“Alexis is professional, timely, accommodating and efficient. As a client of Alexis, I have been impressed by the professional and creative manner in which she edited my work. She is a talented linguist who was able to support me in editing my articles. Alexis provided me with a very personal service and our frequent open dialogue during the re-drafting of my work demonstrated her commitment to producing the best end product.”

—Gregory Beale. Owner, Greg Beale Therapy Fitness. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 2013.

“The Chapters: Take a Look, It’s in a Book Dance Concert was a true collaborative project with Alexis! It was the ideal cross-curricular collaboration to incorporate reading and literacy with dance.  I gave Alexis the concept and music, and she created a beautiful story that fit perfectly with the theme.  Each chapter that she wrote was a clearly articulate depiction of the dance that was performed.”

—Nicole Oxendine. Dance Teacher and Curriculum Specialist. Durham, North Carolina. United States of America. 2008.

“I had a great experience working with Alexis and found her work to be very professional. She has a great flair for creative writing, and this helped me transform the book and ideas for the book into readable, rhythmic text.  Alexis was always efficient and delivered her work on time.”

— Hema Kumar, Owner/Director Sanskar Pty. Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 2013.


Reflective Stork
A Marabou Stork wades on the shores of Lake Nakuru, Kenya, after the flamingos have repopulated the Rift Valley park.


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