What You Missed: Weekend Public Radio Fix

Welcome To My Weekend

I love public media. And weekend public radio, for me begins on Friday, features some of the best — auditory content where we news lovers can both go in-depth and have some much-needed laughs. After working remotely for a few years, I got into a listening groove, and mentally began to cozy in for the weekend around 2:00 p.m. EDT, when Science Friday begins (on my three favorite stations). I used to complete my weekend public radio run on Sunday evenings with Selected Shorts from PRI, but that’s rare these days. However, I always manage to stay tuned through Latino USA at least, which airs at 6:00 p.m. on WHYY.

Because I can’t spend every waking weekend moment glued to my laptop speakers, I know you can’t either. However, I usually catch most of my favorites, and it’s my pleasure to provide other dedicated public radio listeners with a rundown of what’s worth catching up on if you didn’t get your fix.

I am not an employee of NPR, PRI, or APM, or any of their partner stations. I’m just a public media junkie who likes to share. My content is original, and is not endorsed or promoted by NPR or its partner stations.



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